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Our Valued Clients

Collaborative Efforts & Testimonials


LikeNOther Foundation Inc.

I met Greg Meriweather over 30 years ago back when we both had hair and believed that no one could stop us on the basketball court. A confidence that was instilled in us by Coach Levell. although Greg is younger than I am we're both honored to have played for the Levell's Devils. Words can't express how proud I am of the man Greg has grown to be. Greg has given me the opportunity to be a guest on his television show which allowed for great exposure and other networking opportunities. At my first coaching opportunity, Greg was there in person to show his support which testifies his character and genuineness. Greg is also someone I listen to for his knowledge on Black History, politics and legal issues that are going on in our community. I love the fact that Greg is NOT afraid to speak his mind and challenge those that are deemed leaders in our community to be accountable. Love you my brother and keep doing you.   


James A. Lomax

LikeNOther Foundation Inc.



City of Indianapolis, City Official Testimonial

I have had the opportunity to work with Gregory over the past year. He has been a great asset to my team. He stays calm under pressure and looks at challenges as opportunities for growth. Gregory is highly intelligent, and his mind is one of the most creative I have encountered! I have witnessed him create a plan to address the goal to be reached based on our conversation alone.  Meriweather is a problem solver and seeks a win/win solution when working within a conflict of interest. Gregory considers various perspectives and challenges you to think deeper and further out of the box. He is great with media, social awareness and marketing strategies to assist your business or project propel forward.


City of Indianapolis, Concerned Mother

"Last year (2018), my son was facing a huge battle in his life.

I knew the law inside and out but my voice could not be heard, because I was up against a system that had such clout that even though many involved knew what was being done was wrong on so many levels they dared speak for fear of the backlash they’d surely suffer. 

I was beyond desperate to save my son. I was able to get a prominent attorney involved, because my son faced some very serious situations last year. I'll spare you the details for now, but his situation was exactly what many of the organizations who have received and continue to receive grant monies say they face head on.

I contacted several of these agencies to help me but was turned away. I contacted a church and was turned away. But when I contacted Gregory Meriweather, he with no hesitation, stood in the void with me for my son.

In helping my son, there stood to be ZERO chance of television coverage, public thank you, or any notoriety at all for that matter. Nevertheless, Gregory walked with us as my son's surrogate father, a mentor, an example, as part of his community, and as the voice we didn’t have.  

He played a phenomenal role in giving my son the opportunity he deserved, and in calling out the injustices my son was facing. So, it shattered my heart when Gregory’s personal view about an organization was deemed newsworthy, yet him saving my son's future was not even noteworthy." 

Nikki Johnson (Thankful Mother)

Our Testimonials Do the Talking


I met Greg Meriweather around 2016. Before we actually met, I heard of him as a radio/podcast host who owned and operated his show independently. I was proud to see a young Black man doing his thing. As was his modus operandi, to offer critique for all, he had some critique regarding me being both a Pastor and Deputy Mayor- which was fair. No one is above critique, and I didn’t feel singled out because he did that to everyone!  But what he did next is what gained my respect...rather than solely offering criticism, he invited me on his show and asked very pointed but very respectful questions. Honestly, this was my first “public” opportunity to answer questions that, I’m certain, others had as well. By the end of the show, he expressed that he had gained a better understanding of me, my calling, and my roles. Following that, we met for lunch and began a friendship based upon mutual respect - with honest critique! Thank you to a brother with enough integrity to do what so many others do not do- talk face to face, not behind one’s back! He is an encourager and friend to this day. 

Dr. David A. Hampton

Our Valued Clients

Collaborative Efforts & Testimonials


Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

Meriweather Consultants LLC., has worked with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department on numerous occasions. Our role has been to help improve community/police relations. We have helped SOPs for police action shootings, and also helped resolve issues which have appeared on social media before the incident became a spectacle in mainstream media. Meriweather Consultants LLC., has had a direct line to IMPD leadership which we believe is helping bring accountability to both the community, and the department.


Indiana Black Expo, Inc.

This client approached us for consultation when trying to create a campaign that spoke against the ongoing violence in the city of Indianapolis.  We created the "I am Your Brother/Sister" Anti-violence campaign. This campaign consisted of PSAs featuring parents of victims of violence, as well as former Indianapolis Colt, Robert Mathis. Expo displayed the PSAs during concerts, and throughout the entire Summer Celebration. There were no acts of violence during the entire weekend. 

IBE received a $40,000 grant for this concept.


Legacy Models LLC.

To work with Gregory is to receive professional service, attention to detail and prompt customer service. 

Gregory personally sat in on model calls, interviews and vendor contract negotiations to make sure that my agency would be a success!

I would recommend meeting with Meriweather Consultants LLC., whether you are just starting your business or need to take your organization to the next level.  It’s a Win/Win! 
Renae Green-Hart, President Legacy Models LLC

317-654-8340 Cell

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